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2010.07.27 ~new package from japan~

Hai Hai. today a new package from japan arrived *o*~~

 i didn't expected it so soon - 3 -

and this was all in there : > 3 <

My 3 shivers ~~  

 Auditory is with 3 songs~

The optical is with 2 songs and it includes also a dvd

with the PV from shiver and the making of from it~~

and the third is a special version with the normal

shiver song, the tv-version song and also the opening

clip of Kuroshitsuji II.

some detail pics ~~

and now the magazines.

at first the ZY vol. 53~~ with gazette on the

cover *o*~~

Shoxx 8/10

Fool's Mate 08/10

with the photo card <'3

Arena37°c 07/10


Arena37°c 08/10

Cure 08/10 Front Cover

Back Cover

and this time i got free gifts *o*~~

The end 8D.

I'll scan the magazines later <<

and i will post the links here ^-^~~

Before i publish this. I was yesterday in the

town - 3 -

I wanted to buy some nice dresses, but nothing

special was there sadly...

And then i saw IT!


isn't she cute? 8D

i couldn't resist and had to buy her - 3 - ~~


WOOOOT! im really suprised 8D the sun is

finally shining >/////<

 damn. <<

ok ima stop now 8D

 mata minna :3

Current music :  3gatsu 9ka - 1 litre of tears


27.7.10 19:10

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Angi / Website (28.7.10 17:05)
Da hast du aber ne Menge bekommen! Wo hast du die Sachen denn gekauft?
Außerdem ist der Song am von 1 litre of Tears so schöööön. Ich könnte schon wieder heulen wenn ich ihn höre, das Dorama war soooooo traurig!! T-T
Nagut wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag! LG

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