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New Layout~~


i didn't liked my old one anymore and it really get on my nerves.

 Im a lil bit scared... I realized that in 2 weeks ends the summerbreak here Though i try to enjoy my last free weeks and don't think about school -3-

The only thing that depresses me is the current weather.... stupid rain... i want sun... and i want to go swimming....

talking of swimming. i did some few shots of the open-air swimming pool in Zella-Mehlis. Fortunately no one was in there because the water was really cold on that day haha xD

you have to wait for it.... ill upload all pics i did during the summerbreak on my last day 8D

another topic. yesterday i heard some songs from ―アンド-Eccentric Agent-. the guys are really amazing. Ken is my favourite. he is so sekshi ~(* 3 *)~

and the drummer is really creepy *.* but sadly i read somewhere that he leaves the band soon... 

 nah. here is my fave song from them and i stop writing xD (damn i wrote to much today -3- gomen nasai)


アンド - Eccentric Agent - CODE「B」

current mood : hopeful


22.7.10 21:39

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