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2010.06.01 {Pics from 2010.05.24}

Hey minna-san~

On th 25th May i was outside with my boys x3~

sadly it was really windy ... ; 3 ; and we had to stop after an hour...damn rain T 3 T~

but enjoy the pics ^3^

 for a big view click on the pictures~









that was all

i use now this stupid watermark from dA.

someone steal some photos of Kisho

and use them for some auctions in ebay

so i have to do it... gomen nasai


this weekend i had so much to do ...

i was the whole time away~

on saturday i was with a friend in erlangen.

There was a Convention called

"Comic Salon"  It wasn't that big. Not

like the LBM, but still there where so much

beautiful and amazing cosplayer 

the best thing was, as a girl came up to me and

took a picture from me haha~

She will upload it in a week ^_^

and u will see it then here

Today (Sunday) i was with my

friends in the city and we had 

much fun ;D Public festivals

(i hope it's the right word! xD)

are the best thing 8D...

After that  we eat some ice cream.

It was a beautiful day 

thank you for the time guys.

i love u so much

jaaa... mata minna-san
ill try to write more for now xD

thank you for all who read it~

arigatou gozaimasu -bow-


current music :

okaeri (ending song from Zettai Kareshi Dorama)

from Ayaka


current mood : grateful

6.6.10 20:35

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