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Hellooo x3

ive changed today the layout. I don´t had liked it.Maybe because it´s a girl on the pic? |D. Ano.No. It was annoying that it was on the bottom white.

Ok. another theme. Tomorrow I must go to my school. I hope that all work out. My Counseler  had forgot to ask that i can stop my activity. Now it all depends on the job centre I wanna have holiday like the other pupils *sigh*

 Oh. Mini ( my BJD-Friend in my town x3) asked me to go with her to Weimar to an Dollmeet x3. Maybe it´s this week. I must go and buy me battery´s for my cam xD. I hope Miya is there too. I don´t have seen here for a long time .


 The Gazette - Machi Boukeno Kohen de [PV]

i love this song <3

Current Mood : waiting on Kazuki (Day 19)

5.7.09 16:14

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