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New Begin.

Hello @ all.

 it´s alina^-^

today i have time and will activate my new blog

It´s a good chance to begin a new episode in my life. I don´t know if i can change all, but i hope it.

Now i´m really pissed of myself. I hate me. I hate all what i do. It´s everytime false. when i talk it´s false, when i don´t talk it´s false too.

 Why other can do that normal? Why i don´t can be how there ~.~ *sigh*

Maybe it´s better when i end that thing. But anything stops me.

I don´t wan´t be how the others that do that. but maybe it´s better for me?

I will think about all. 

I hope i can soon laugh with all my heart.

Current Mood : Sad 


3.7.09 05:55

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(3.7.09 16:22)
Don't be sad. ^^
Everybody fell sometimes bad and like he do always the wrong things. But don't worry it isn't so. Everyone do wrong things or say something wrong, but not always, so like you. Not everything can be false. And so i think bout you.
Keep smiling...

a old friend

(5.7.09 15:04)
Thank you for your words. i feel me now better x3. i don´t know if you read my answer. but do i you know ? o.o
anyway thx for this x3

Maschali :) <3 (14.8.09 16:25)
Heeeey my darling . wath's goes up :'D without you
without me , okaaaaaaaay .? <3 , i'm crazy xDDDD ich weiß
i love you , ja bis denn . <3

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